Feedback – It’s not just parents of girls who should be worried about equality

A selection of comments and feedback – sent by readers. Enjoy…
NEWS.COM.AU – 16 May 2016 – My take on the on-going gender debate – “It’s not just parents of girls who should be worried about equality”. See the article here.

From: Russell S.  |  Subject: Parenting of boys
Hi Phyllis, I just read your article and the message was so superbly communicated. I am not a parent myself but have looked after apprentices for over a decade and therefore responsible for hundreds of young men. I feel like I have certainly helped raise a few. It’s also very apparent which of those young blokes have had or do have a significant male in their life.

You hit the nail on the head superbly and even as a 43 year old myself, I find the “roles” of men and women utterly blurred now to the extent that yeah, you question if you can even throw a compliment a woman’s way. One certainly thinks twice, especially if the woman in question is “young”. One certainly does not want to appear “creepy”. Thanks for the chance to give some feedback. Warm wishes.

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From: Tom G.  |  Subject: Hi Phyllis
Hi Phyllis – Really enjoyed your article “It’s not just parents of girls who should be worried about equality.: Loved it! In this day and age the uniqueness of boys is nearly a taboo. I have spend a good deal of time researching boys (plus my 30+ years of experience as a psychotherapist) and have written a book “Helping Mothers be Closer to Their Sons.” It explains the various important pieces of the puzzle including the testosterone flood in utero, the mini puberty shortly after birth, precarious manhood and much more. These things all impact our sons but not our daughters. Parents need to know about this in order to do the best job they can. The fact is, due to these biological differences boys have a very different way to process emotions and this difference has confounded parents for eons.
I toured Australia back in 1999 as a guest of the Australian Centre for Grief Education. I lectured in a number of cities on the differences in men and boys and the ways they react to grief. I have written two book for men and this is the first for women.

From: Michael H.  |  Subject: Re: article
After reading your article on I just wanted to write to you and say thank you for a wonderful piece which was intelligent and long overdue. I too have boys and share your sentiments (so does my wife). Keep up the good work.
Kind Regards, Michael H.

From: Dex  |  Subject: Thank you
Thank you for your article on equality.
As a man, and white, I’m not allowed to say these things or anything that questions how I am treated, or how I supposed to behave. Or rather, if I do say them I am crucified for my insensitivity and when I react to that, crucified for not being manly enough. Like everyone else I have but one life and so far it has been to apologise for every pair of testicles that ever roamed the earth, or ever will.
And that’s not really fair. So thank you.