North Shore Times – May 2015

The following text appeared in Sydney’s North Shore Times on Friday 24 April 2015…


PhyllisFoundis-gen-ext2-smlLIGHTBULB moments come along at the most unexpected of times, including your darkest hour, and you should pay heed to their transformative power, a local TEDx conference will be told.

A localised version of the hugely popular TED talks will be held at the Northern Sydney Institute, at St Leonards, next month. Hosted by TV personality Ed Halmagyi, the conference features a variety of speakers who will deliver short punchy talks on the theme of “The Lightbulb Moment”. TED talks cover all topics and are usually less than 18 minutes, with local versions independently organised having the name TEDx.

Mother, copywriter and now TV show host and producer Phyllis Foundis is one of the guest speakers, and plans to speak of how she turned her life around and become a TV show host after the death of her beloved father. “It’s my belief that our light bulb moments come to us via epiphanies that really only come to the fore when we are experiencing our darkest hour,” Ms Foundis said.

As an only child, she was particularly close to her father, who died of cancer four years ago. After a period of intense grief counselling she realised she could not control everything, but did have power over how she herself coped. “Mortality comes and slaps you on the face and you have to reassess the path you have chosen,” Ms Foundis said.

“So I thought to myself what did I really want to do? And I realised I wanted to have my own TV show.” Her show, about men’s issues, now airs on Fox pay TV and earlier this year she was named the Most Outstanding New Talent at the Astra Awards.

Other speakers for the TEDx day, held on May 7, include Jocelyn Brewer, Michael McQueen, Tim Johnson-Newell and Gunter Swoboda. The day has been booked out, but there is a wait list, with applications being considered via the website. Visit TEDx Northern Sydney Institute