June 2015
:  Watch out! The Screen Producers of Australia has just announced Phyllis as one of only 14 producers nationwide to be selected in this year’s exciting ‘Ones to Watch’ program. What does this mean? Well, er, watch THIS space…

May 2015
:  TED has spoken. Phyllis spoke about shiny epiphanies as a newly anointed, TEDx Talker. That’s the official title – okay it really isn’t, but the alliteration’s thrilling. More here.

March 2015
: ASTRA Award win. Phyllis is named Most Outstanding New Talent in the 2015 ASTRA AWARDS. The result? Gleeful, grateful, giggling. More here.

February 2015
:  News hot off the proverbial.  In an uber chic gathering at Sydney’s The Star (home to the city’s finest mini breakfast quiches – who knew?), Phyllis is announced as a nominee for Most Outstanding New Talent in the 2015 ASTRA AWARDS. “…I love any award that calls me ‘new’.” More here.

December 2014
:  Let’s talk about sex n’ sags n’ stuff on the ABC Phyllis is interviewed by Kate O’Toole on ABC Local Radio about her upcoming book, The Joy of Sags – sexual adventures from the pre-menopausal frontline. ‘Tis the season to be naughty and nice – listen to the full interview here.

November 2014
:  Calling all FOUNDIS Melbourne fans – this news is for YOU. The fabulous folks at Channel 31 will be screening Series 1 of our sexy little show in your town on Friday, December 5 at 8pm – weekly, obviously. So set your alarms. Tweet it. Heck, go crazy and actually talk to your friends about it. And here’s a bold concept…Host some FOUNDIS viewing parties and send us the pics! We’ll tweet ‘em, FB ‘em. You get the picture. Go to the C31 site here.

October 2014
: Phyllis hosts the 2014 Australian Magazine Awards. Were her sequins too blinding for breakfast? Was the early morning croissant crowd, tough? All testimonials here.

October 2014
:  ANTENNA Award win Phyllis is named Outstanding Female Personality in the 2014 Antenna Awards ceremony. In an emotional speech, Phyllis dedicated the award to her late father, Dino. Foundis was also nominated for Program Of The Year. Read more here.

August 2014
:  ANTENNA Award nomination Phyllis is nominated as Outstanding Female Personality in the 2014 Antenna Awards. Winners will be announced at a gala ceremony on October 1at the Deakin Edge at Melbourne’s Federation Square. Actually, not sure if it will in a fact, be a gala – but it has to be. Isn’t that the rule of all awards ceremonies?

25 June 2014
:  Foundis enjoys a nationwide debut on FOXTEL’S Aurora TV – possibly the finest community TV channel on Pay TV. The show screens on Wednesdays at 7:30pm. Rated M.

May 2014
:  Foundis wins its first sponsorship deal with ANSELL SKYN Condoms. This changes everything – well it does and it also happens to be the tag line for this rubbery, sexy product. Thank you Ansell. You have fine taste in locally produced TV. Obviously.

6 April 2014
: Foundis scores PICK OF THE DAY in Perth’s Sunday Times TV Guide. Sheryl-Lee Kerr writes, “(Foundis) gets to the heart of what modern Aussie blokes think, in a reverse on the Beauty and the Beast format. Amusing and enlightening.”

March 2014
:  Foundis premieres on WTV Perth – arguably the hottest community channel on the planet run by a crack-team of professionals. Show screens Thursday 8:30pm.

13 December 2013:  Invited back to give a talk at my high school, Randwick Girls. Never been so proud to be called an ‘old girl’. A ridiculous honour. Read my speech here.

6 December 2013:  My first TV show – two years in the making – came to life at Silk Studios, Sydney today. We shot seven episodes in eight hours. Necessity’s a mother, but man, was it fun. Amazing studio. Crew. Gorgeous men. And they call this, work?