Have you felt the Joy of Sags?

A female writer once said, feeling desired at any age is like stepping into a time machine back to your youth. What could be more delicious, more life-affirming than revisiting ‘you’ when she was at her bouncy best? Not much, so I decided to write a book about it.

Introducing “The Joy of Sags: Sexual adventures from the pre-menopausal frontline”. Launch date: February 2015.

In December 2014 I was invited to ABC Studios for an interview with Kate O’Toole. Listen to the 10-minute interview below. Then contact me with YOUR experiences or contributions. A big thank you to Kate O’Toole, Jamie Cummins and all of the team at ABC 702 Sydney for their great support – and the use of this clip.

Phyllis Foundis  discusses her new book  “The Joy of Sags”. Australia-wide on  ABC Local Radio From 8.00pm AEST Tues. 9 Dec 2015.