Nominated – 2015 ASTRA Awards

Phyllis @ the Astra Awards NominationsI love celebrations – particularly if I get to hang out with people I admire, cast admiring looks at ridiculously photogenic men and scoff down quiches in miniature – who doesn’t?

But I digress – though not much. On Tuesday morning, February 10, I was invited to the 2015 ASTRA AWARDS nominations. Celebrating 20 years of subscription TV, this year’s awards will be big, bright and star-studded.

So…I took advantage of the star-studded part and sidled up to Steve Liebmann, Andrew McFarlane and Peter Maddison of Grand Designs fame. Or maybe I was just shopping for Season 2 of our men’s talk show, Land of Man. Anyway… It was fun and flashy and I walked away with a nomination. All in all, a fine morning.

Wish me luck on the awards night – 12 March.

Phyllis with Peter Maddison from "Grand Designs Australia"

Phyllis with Peter Maddison from “Grand Designs Australia”

Phyllis with Andrew McFarlane from "Devil's Playground"

Phyllis with Andrew McFarlane from “Devil’s Playground”

Phyllis with legend Steve Liebmann from "History"

Phyllis with broadcasting legend Steve Liebmann from “History”