TEDx – My Lightbulb Moment

Phyllis Foundis - TEDx speaker3 Ever had a light bulb moment?

A falling apple knocked one into Isaac Newton. And Archimedes splish-splashed in a bath before inspiration made him leap out and yell, Eureka (shocking the local shepherd with his full frontal excitement).

Well a girl can only guess.

Well… on 7 May 2015 I spoke about said shiny epiphanies as a newly anointed, TEDx Talker. That’s the official title I believe – okay it really isn’t, but the alliteration thrills me. Watch the video below, leave your likes and comments on the YouTube page here and share it with your world…

Below are selected photos from the fabulous day when I lost my TED Talk virginity. Many thanks to all the supporters, the other speakers and  the superb efforts of the Northern Sydney Institute.

TEDx 2015 ~ Me and my big sign.TEDx 2015 ~ Phyllis Foundis - mmmid flow.TEDx 2015 ~ Phyllis Foundis - open to possibilitiesTEDx 2015 ~ Phyllis Foundis - Death and Little DeathTEDx 2015 ~ PhyllisFoundis - media wall nerves

TEDx 2015 ~ media wall with the beautiful TEDx Team


TEDx 2015 ~ Phyllis Foundis

TEDx 2015 ~ The amazing speakers... Thank you everyone!


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