Winner – Outstanding Female Personality

On stage, celebrating with my new, personalised glassware.

On stage, celebrating with my new, personalised glassware.

“You like me. You really like me!” Fact is when Sally Field accepted her little gold man (aka Oscar) for her star turn in Places in the Heart, she actually said, “I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!”

Well I can’t deny the fact that getting an award is a ridiculously thrilling moment in time. And your support – both directly and indirectly – has just made me the proud owner of the 2014 Antenna Award for Outstanding Female Personality. So thank you.

Our show, FOUNDIS, was also nominated as a Finalist for Program of the Year. There are not enough superlatives to describe how we felt about this nomination, so why try?!

On October 1, in Melbourne’s Federation Square, Channel 31 hosted a world class awards ceremony honouring the best of Community TV nationwide.

There was no red carpet. Or paparazzi. And no Fashion Police (the guy in the red hair and purple suit was relieved – or disappointed).

But y’know what, a ruby pile and flashes does not an awards do make. 400+ people turned out to honour some truly amazing Community TV in all shapes, sizes and lighting budgets. The calibre of content was mind blowing and, at the risk of getting a tiny bit political…

Malcolm Turnbull, WTF are you thinking? But I digress. Kinda.

Looking around me that night, one thing was obvious. A politician’s agenda may have the power to banish Community TV to the online wilderness, but can he extinguish the passion that brings the stories, the ideas to life?

Nope. No. Never. And you don’t need to be ‘outstanding’ to know that.

The full Antenna Awards ceremony is now on YouTube hosted by Channel 31. View it here. OR we have highlighted the  important Foundis “bits”:

This video shows why I felt compelled to touch the Goddess Aphrodite’s breasts, I mean, shells – live on TV.

And in THIS video, you’ll see my category introduction, the announcement and my ‘thank you’ speech.

P.P.S. Below are photos from Community TV’s night-of-nights – courtesy of C31’s Facebook album. And also enormous love and thanks to Ben Norris, Nathan Leigh Jones, Andrew Prior, our Ansell sponsor, Austin Chesterfield and Kym Borrett – my gorgeous Foundis men – for joining me on the awards night.



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