The Joy Of Sags

Apparently the post-40 woman has pressed the ‘off’ button on her sexuality. Too tired. Too bored. Too late to feel sexual again.

Surely this is the mainstream, pre-menopausal woman’s plight, right? Wrong.

Welcome to The Joy of Sags – a fresh, 21st century look at ‘seasoned’ female sexuality. Join me as I shine a big, beautiful light on the authentic and joyful stories lived by women in their 40, 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond.

…because a woman’s sexuality doesn’t have an expiration date. It also can’t be summarised in a convenient acronym, phrase or soundbite.

That’s why my skin crawls when I read about…Women of a certain age. The cougars. The MILFs. The mature woman. The middle age

This bullshit stops now. Revealing, intimate and very, very sexy – even when sex doesn’t play a part – The Joy of Sags describes a judgement-free, sensual nirvana where over-40 female desire is alive, well and kicking serious orgasm.

Again and again and again.

The Joy of Sags launches on December 31, 2017. Click HERE to pre-order your e-book now and make yours a very happy new year, indeed.   

Introducing The Joy of Sags where your inner slut is celebrated and daily orgasms are prescribed.