I’m a recovering copywriter with about 20+ years experience in the big, mad world of ad. But in 2003, I put the brands on ice and wrote the virgin club – a semi-autobiographical account of life as a 20-something virgin.

This was to become my first (addictive) brush with producing stuff that actually meant something to me. And in 2004, the book was adapted into a one-woman show which was staged all over from London’s Theatre Royal, Haymarket and the Edinburgh Festival to The Melbourne Comedy Festival and Cambridge Footlights. I faked an orgasm at each performance dubbed, ‘better than Meg Ryan’s’ (A journalist’s words, not mine – or my husband’s). I also gave tips on buying a vibrator. This info was particularly helpful to the front row of guys out on a buck’s night who stumbled in on the wrong show.

The following years were a blur of baby boys, tired nipples, more copywriting and script coverage for Hugh Jackman’s production company, Seed. (Hugh – you were not responsible for my tired nipples.)

Following the death of my beautiful Dad, Dino, in 2011, I embarked on what has now become a defining time in my creative career. In 2013, I produced and hosted my crowd-funded men’s talk show, Foundis which aired on WTV Perth, Channel 31 Melbourne and Foxtel’s, Aurora TV. Our ‘little show that could’ was nominated for Program of the Year at the 2014 Antenna Awards where I was also named Outstanding Female Personality. And in March 2015, I was awarded an ASTRA for Most Outstanding New TV Talent. I love the ‘new’ in that title possibly even more than the shiny personalised glassware I was handed on the night. Maybe.

In May 2015, I was invited to speak about my Lightbulb Moment at TEDx. I may – or may not – have projected a few elongated sighs and overtly pleasure-centric gestures – to a largely amused / shocked / surprised audience. You decide – here.

While raising two Dr Who-addicted small gentlemen, I enjoy detonating status quos in the stuff I write, produce and host. I’m currently working on waking up the ‘late night variety’ format. And my book, The Joy of Sags: Sexual adventures from the pre-menopausal frontline is out in 2015. You can listen to ABC Local Radio interviewing me about sags n’ sex n’ stuff right here

I’m open to life’s magic. Passionate people. Unconditional hugs. And organic dark chocolate. Not necessarily in that order – but absolutely all at once.

Write me.