Whether it’s on-page, on-stage or on-screen, words create connections. And in the last few years, my passion for written words has evolved into writing and producing video.

So, whether it’s educational films and environmental start-ups, retail promotional videos or even my own broadcast chat show, “FOUNDIS”, for me, it’s all about writing scripts that engage, inspire and connect.

Read my scriptwriting CV HERE. View my scriptwriting samples – including project descriptions and script excerpts – HERE. (PDFs). Watch my 2-min scriptwriting showreel below. View the final films HERE.

A senior copywriter with 20+ experience in both direct marketing and advertising, Phyllis Foundis is also an accomplished scriptwriter. View selected samples in this showreel – for more go here to view the final films. From educational films and environmental start-ups, to retail promotional videos and government-funded safety films, Phyllis has also produced and written her own broadcast chat show. Thanks for watching.

I also write advertising and direct marketing copy for companies. For more details – and to view my Advertising CV and Samples PDFs – go HERE.

You may also be interested in the advertising CV and samples for Kym Borrett, my art director partner (and husband).