Phyllis Foundis

Doing the hustle with a hint of guerilla (producing).

Producers of the world. Let’s not mince the words. We all want to produce the sticky online content. The stuff that makes those eyeballs water, watch, share repeat. We’re talking exciting, buzz-worthy content not based on a cat licking its balls or a baby smearing poo on her brother’s face. Delightful stuff, sure. But if […]

Prince ~ Celebration 2017

This was my blog page for my Facebook LIVE series in April – direct from Prince’s Minneapolis for Celebration 2017. It was a four-day purplefest that is paying tribute to Minnesota’s favourite son. I posted live video interviews and happenings from fan-stuffed hotels, streets, cars, clubs, stages and more. See the edited series of videos – direct from my […]

Don’t tell the truth… 1

Wanna be successful in life? Great. Get naked.  Telling the truth is overrated. Honestly. And no, this blog isn’t about telling lies, no matter how white or sweet they may be. It’s actually about intimacy. And no, it has nothing to do with the between-the-sheets kind of intimacy – that’s easy (or ‘ier’ than the […]

Not seeing red, just joy on the carpet.

‘Tis the season for red carpets. And those star-trodden rugs have had more air time than Neil Patrick Harris’ tighty whities; cue the Globes, BAFTAs, Oscars and Brits. We’ve just rolled up our own movie-star mat post-AACTAs only to unfurl it afresh in time for the ASTRAS tonight. But the biggest chatter this Awards season […]


Fifty shades of permission and pop porn. 3

It’s official. The planet’s column inches are now drenched with words like, “hotly anticipated”, “erotically-charged”, “kinky bestseller”, “BDSM has me tongue-tied.” (okay, maybe not that last one). The Fifty Shades of Grey silver-screen tsunami is here. And finally, women everywhere are hearing that post-modern, Shakespearean utterance, “Laters, baby…” in Dolby surround sound. Sure. All very […]

How to be comfortably Fearless in 31 days. 1

I do the modern day juggle. The children. The work. The marriage. The home. My life is full to overflowing. All wonderful. All time-intensive. But the pace can get a little, er, pesky. So when the opportunity came up to add another to-do to my list – I leapt at it. Enter, modern day madness. […]