I’m A Have-a-chat

I’ve always loved talking. Even when a stutter held my speech hostage as a teenager, I still talked. When I was 13 years old I produced my own ‘radio show’ in an attempt to start ‘living the dream’. Okay, we’ll use the word ‘produced’ loosely. It was me, in my bedroom with an old tape […]

Dad’s day, everyday.

We talk a lot about mothers. Pay lots of respect. Award kudos. Stand back in awe at the supermum who can juggle a pinstriped career and high IQ babies, one, two, three or more. We love what our mothers teach us about love, life, self-respect and cooking (if they can cook and we’re even remotely […]

Magic Mike in 3D?

Does the thought of Magic Mike in 3D make you reel in terror or delight? The other night I spent 90 minutes with a genetically blessed group of gyrating, pelvic thrusting, butt-flashing, well-oiled young men. It wasn’t a drunken hen’s something or other, it was, of course, a screening of Steven Soderbergh’s latest celluloid outing, […]

Magic Mike