Dig If U Will The Picture Video Diaries

Welcome to Dig if U Will The Picture Video Diaries. If you’ve been following our purple journey, welcome back. If you’ve only just joined us, you’re in for a treat. Watch the series trailer below – and then scroll down to the videos – as shown directly from my YouTube channel.

A little background for you… On April 21 this year, Prince fans from around the planet descended on Paisley Park for Celebration 2017. It was a four day, love-stuffed purplefest that celebrated that undeniable, supernatural talent we call, Prince Rogers Nelson. Armed with a feisty producer and my iPhone 7, we interviewed the fans and even members of Prince’s inner circle. It was an exhilarating, emotional rollercoaster ride and while nothing will ever compare to Prince being alive and well and kicking serious funk with us still, the videos we’ve produced will hopefully help keep his light shining “…until the end of time.” Your exclusive video playlist – 

  • A Taste of Purple – Celebration 2017 highlights.
  • The Beautiful Ones – talking with the super fans.
  • Interview: George Clinton’s P-Funk players – funking up a storm. 
  • Interview: Kim Berry – Prince’s hair stylist for 30 years. 
  • Interview: Tonya Pendleton – journalist and Prince interviewer. 
  • Interview: Robbie Paster – Prince’s valet 
  • Interview: Shelby J – Prince’s powerhouse backing singer
  • Bonus Extras: Bits and purple pieces (running out of creative, non-alliterative ways to use the word purple. Suggestions in an email.) 
  • The Purple Summary – is it possible to encapsulate the journey in 4-ish minutes. Well, we’ll try.

Whether you’re a dyed in the (purple) wool Prince fan, a lover of music that has staying funk power, or you enjoy online content that excites, entertains and possibly even inspires you to shine your light (not related to your smartphone’s glow), subscribe to my YouTube Channel right here and get ready for more. I promise you an original time.