Welcome to Love Soul, your (re)discovery of new and vintage grooves, from the funked up to the slowed down, mixed in with conversations starring local and global musicians, writers, performers, lovers, thinkers and general joy givers. Hosted by Phyllis Foundis, Love Soul promises sonic flirtations with Motown supernovas, Stevie, Smokey and Lionel, soul royalty Billie, Duke, Nat, Sam, Marvin and Charlie P… from the GAP Band and The Jacksons to the high octane stylings of Whitney, Jodeci, Stokley, Chaka, Luther and Prince.

So, if you’re a lover of stories from the heart and soul in all its R&B funk flavours, prepare to fall for Love Soul. Every Sunday, 2-4pm AEST and only on Eastside 89.7FM.

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Love Soul LIVE! The beginning of a new era in Sydney’s Soul and Funk nightlife…
This is not a throwback, or a back in the day situation, it’s here, today – dance floor groove the way the Funk Gods intended.

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