Apparently your profile is measured in column inches.
Sheesh. It’s always about the size.

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NEWS.COM.AU – 29 May 2017 –  “Managers vs. leaders: There are two types of bosses”. When is a leader not a leader? When he’s a crap manager. The power of people skills is a gigantic passion of mine. Sadly, people who lack ‘em are often given the privileged task of managing people in the workplace. The results? Demoralising at best. Disastrous at worst. See if you recognise your manager – or maybe I’m describing you in my latest missive. See the article here. See some feedback here.

NEWS.COM.AU – 4 September 2016 – In spite of the screaming ‘click bait’ headline (not penned by me), this article is ultimately a reminder not to forget about that little, tiny thing called, privacy and um, choice. – “Opinion: I don’t care if the photos are innocent, don’t put my kids on Facebook”. See the article here. See some feedback here.

NEWS.COM.AU – 8 July 2016 – Sizing up sex education for teenaged boys in the age of porn – “The awkward sex talk teen boys want”. See the article here. See some feedback here.

NEWS.COM.AU – 2 July 2016 – Come with me a on a journey – “What happened when I challenged myself to 40 orgasms in 40 days”. See the article here. See some feedback here.

NEWS.COM.AU – 16 May 2016 – My take on the on-going gender debate – “It’s not just parents of girls who should be worried about equality”. See the article here. See some feedback here.

NORTH SHORE TIMES – 24 Apr 2015 – (pg22) A piece about my – then – forthcoming TEDx presentation “Death and little death” that was given 07 May 2015. See the article here. See the talk here.

MEDIA WEEK – 02 Mar 2015 – (pg4) A piece about my 2015 ASTRA Award Nomination. No retouchers were harmed in the making of this photograph.

THE HOOPLA – 15 Feb 2015 – What does Wendy Harmer, a few feet of bondage rope and permission have to do with me? Everything.

THE AUSTRALIAN – 10 Feb 2015 – More spiel on the ASTRA nomination in The Oz.

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH – 10 Feb 2015 – Love this report on my ASTRA nomination the most because they used a 10 year old photo of me. Who needs Botox?

THE LEADER – 01 Nov 2014 – Down in Sydney’s deep south – The Shire – the folks been talkin’ about mah men and mah show.

THE SUNDAY TIMES – 06 Apr 2014 – Looked everywhere, can’t find the online link to this cool little review on FOUNDIS, but here’s a pic of the ‘Pick Of The Day’ review. (Click to enlarge.)

Foundis Perth Now 2014 04 listing

“Foundis” featured as Pick Of The Day in The Sunday Times. (click to enlarge)