Feedback – I don’t care if the photos are innocent, don’t put my kids on Facebook

A small selection of comments and feedback – sent or posted by readers. Enjoy…
NEWS.COM.AU – 4 September 2016 – In spite of the screaming ‘click bait’ headline (not penned by me), this article is ultimately a reminder not to forget about that little, tiny thing called, privacy and um, choice. – “Opinion: I don’t care if the photos are innocent, don’t put my kids on Facebook”. See the article here and read some feedback below.

What do you get when you cross social media, photos, children and roughly 800 words? A wild range of comments that deliver the usual wisdom, mirth and randomness we’ve come to know and er, love about the online world…

Evan | Twitter | I see photos of Prince…Bette Midler on your Twitter feed that I’m sure you didn’t get permission for.

CE | Twitter | What about the child’s rights? Your child, your rules.

Ruben | Twitter | Over-reaction. Privacy is long dead.

TGR | Twitter | Children and social media don’t mix.

Penny | Facebook | I never thought short hair on women worked, but this woman rocks it!

Mathew | Twitter | …exceptionally valid points for 2016.

Celeb | Twitter | …we left FB five years ago and never looked back.

TGR | Twitter | Children and social media don’t mix.

John | Email | Thank you for your article – I enjoyed knowing that others are thinking and struggling with this social media filled world.

Leola Tse | Facebook | I agree with you. if I want pictures of my children all over Facebook, I will post them myself. – “Half of the material found on certain paedophilia websites has been sourced or stolen from parents innocently posting images of their families online, Australia’s new Children’s eSafety Commissioner has warned.” The Independent

ABC-radio-GoldCoast-logo-cropABC Radio Gold Coast – with host Nicole Dyer – also joined the conversation after interviewing me. Below are 9-minutes of highlights from the interview and the talk-back that followed. (9min~12.5mb~mp3) View their Facebook discussion here.