Feedback – Managers vs. leaders: There are two types of bosses

A selection of comments and feedback – sent or posted by readers. Enjoy…
NEWS.COM.AU – 29 May 2017 –  “Managers vs. leaders: There are two types of bosses”. A manager, manages, typically weighed down by a bunch of KPIs they’ll do and say anything to meet. While a leader motivates with great communication and people skills, treating their employees like colleagues, not subordinates who must obey. See the article here. Read some feedback below.

I have worked for a few managers.  It makes me wonder how any of them ever got the position, more a case of who you know not what they know.  typical Peter Principle – being promoted to a position of incompetance.
Phyll | Facebook | The key issues with all of this is accountability. If the manager is shit it usually follows that the organisation is also crap… I say with deep experience 😉 Let me give a personal experience of this morning. I found a baby Ibis which had fallen from its nest – broken a leg and a wing – clearly not in good shape but very close to busy Harris street. I couldn’t leave it there so bundled it up in my jacket and took it into to TAFE and placed him among the bushes. He settled a little and so I rang WIRES. I then headed up to the Library to find a box for him as instructed. The fat cow behind the library counter dragged her sorry arse off the stool and walked to a cupboard behind her. Made a huge sigh as she opened the cupboard only to turn around an say ‘sorry no boxes, can’t help you’. Naturally I responded with ‘that’s fine, enjoy your donuts you fat fuck’. I then proceeded to the Information counter… A woman who look barely alive looked at me ‘You’ll need to take a ticket”. Unbelievably there was not another soul in that office. “No I don’t need a ticket – I’m the only person here! You need to provide assistance”. She said, “we’ll if you go to level 6, room 618 someone might be able to help you”. This is the problem with public service mentality which has permeated every sector of our business community. Sit on fat arses, take long lunches, do nothing, whinge and get paid. Some of the best managers come from small business backgrounds – most likely because they’ve done all the jobs they’ll ever ask you to do