Prince ~ Celebration 2017

This was my blog page for my Facebook LIVE series in April – direct from Prince’s Minneapolis for Celebration 2017. It was a four-day purplefest that is paying tribute to Minnesota’s favourite son. I posted live video interviews and happenings from fan-stuffed hotels, streets, cars, clubs, stages and more.

See the edited series of videos – direct from my YouTube channel HERE. Below are DIRECT links to the very RAW Facebook Live videos – or go direct to my Facebook page to like, share and comment – HERE.  Enjoy…

POST 12 ~ A long, late-night chat with Tonya Pendleton… AM Sunday 23 April 2017 ~ Our final but still deliciously, spontaneous LIVE Dig If U Will video diary. Exclusive, unscripted cool. I’m talking with Tonya Pendleton from Black America Web, a sassy journalist who interviewed Prince once upon a purple time….

POST 11 ~ At the tribute fence at Paisley Park… PM Saturday 22 April 2017 ~ When the purple spirit moves you…
A visit to the tribute fence at Paisley Park plus an interview with super Prince fan Tamika.

POST 10 ~ Divine intervention on Day 3… AM Saturday 22 April 2017 ~Day 3 of Celebration 2017 at Paisley Park and I can’t do a thing with my hair. Prince’s coiff always looked so immaculate. Oh what to do. Wishing for some divine purple intervention... Enter Kim Berry…

POST 09 ~ On the way to Paisley Park… PM Friday 21 April 2017 ~ Fan action enroute to Paisley.

POST 08 ~ First Avenue, downtown Minneapolis… AM Friday 21 April 2017 ~ Local news crew interview about all things purple.

POST 07 ~ First Avenue, downtown Minneapolis… AM Friday 21 April 2017 ~ ‘Baby you’re a star…’

POST 06 ~ On the way to First Avenue… AM Friday 21 April 2017 ~ Minneapolis. Purple greetings and salutations from Minneapolis! We’re on our way to First Avenue, the iconic club where a lot of the scenes for Purple Rain were filmed. WARNING: This video contains a tease for an exclusive interview we’ve organised with a key person in Prince’s life tomorrow… Watch this space.

POST 05 ~ Back to Paisley Park with George… PM Thursday 20 April 2017 ~ Paisley Park, Bloomington, Minneapolis. Surprise Live diary for you now! Heading to Paisley now as special guests – with the threat of a tornado looming. Seriously.

POST 04 ~Paisley Park – Day 1 first thoughts… Thursday 20 April 2017 ~ Paisley Park, Bloomington, Minneapolis. Day 1 of Celebration 2017 is done. A rollercoaster ride. Joy. Tears. Purple love.

POST 03 ~ Fans arriving… PM Wednesday 19 April 2017 ~Hilton Bloomington, Minneapolis.. Fans from around the world have descended on the Hilton Bloomington, Minneapolis for what promises to be the Celebration of a lifetime – Prince’s lifetime. So dig if you will the buzz, the stories… and maybe even our cool guest…if his has plane landed…!

POST 02 ~ Mall Of America. Wednesday 19 April 2017 ~Mall Of America, Minneapolis. Cold erotic city!!!

POST 01 ~ Riana from the Hilton. PM Tuesday 18 April 2017 ~Hilton Bloomington, Minneapolis. Touchdown in Prince’s Minneapolis! Are ya ready for the ‘crazy’? ‘Cause I am! Especially after 20 hours in transit. My video diaries start here, now… I’m chatting with Riana, Director of Sales and Marketing at the Hilton Bloomington. And…she may or may not reveal the special purple guests staying here this week…

POST 00 ~ Testing, Testing…
Monday 17 April 2017 ~ Alexandria, Sydney. Um, testing, testing… Yes very testing indeed. For those of you who watched me losing my Facebook Live virginity, um, I know it wasn’t good for you. The sound! The sound! What happened to the sound?! It crackled, I know. So my tech dept (aka my husband) is looking into it and hopefully I’ll come through loud and clear next time. In the meantime, standby for some pics and brief vids from this afternoon. Love! Px


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